FARMINGTON – Edward H. Hastings IV has been selected as Farmington Police Department’s Employee of the Quarter of the fall, according to Chief of Police Richard Caton III. Hastings’ efforts in drug enforcement is the basis for being selected, Caton said.

During the fall, Hastings issued more than 22 percent of the department’s yearly total of summonses for drug-related offenses, he said.

“As we know, there is a major problem nationwide with illegal drug use, possession and sales. Even with diligent law enforcement in this area, only a small part of the illegal drug activity is interrupted. But every case we generate, we may cause a person to rethink their perspectives and give them a chance to change their lifestyle,” Caton said.

“If you affected one person to change their destructive behavior, then you have caused their loved ones, neighbors and that particular person to feel safer, which is the primary mission of the Farmington Police Department,” he said.

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