engineer, maze, disrespected, harness

Facts and details: Literal Meaning

Who hired Daedalus?

What did Daedalus design to hold the Minotaur?

What did Daedalus invent to help them escape from the Labyrinth?

What did he warn Icarus not to do?

What happened to Icarus?

What’s going on? Reading comprehension

Why does Minos imprison Daedalus in the Labyrinth?

Why does Minos think that, if Daedalus can’t find his way out, “so much the better?”

Minos tells Icarus the plan is dangerous. Why does he want them to take this risk?

Why does Daedalus leave his wings on the altar of Apollo? Why wouldn’t he want to fly some more?

In your own words…

Daedalus tried to make Icarus pay attention to his instructions, but Icarus got excited and didn’t obey the rules. Write an essay about a safety rule that you think is important but that people often ignore because it seems like following it would ruin their fun. Try to convince your readers that they really should obey this safety rule.

Newspaper activity

Look in today’s paper for a story about an engineering solution to a problem. This could be anything from coordinating traffic lights to avoiding local flooding problems to developing a new type of rocket ship. Create a chart showing the problem, the solution and what basic tools (inclined plane, lever, screw, wheel) and forces (gravity, inertia, etc.) are involved.

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