MANCHESTER, N.H. (AP) – A Nashua man accused of following his father’s abusive example has pleaded guilty to hitting his elderly mother.

Lyman Gage, 44, pleaded guilty in Hillsborough County Superior Court to misdemeanor charges of simple assault and criminal threatening and received two suspended sentences. Friday’s hearing originally was scheduled to consider revoking Gage’s bail but turned into a sentencing hearing after he reached a deal with prosecutors.

Prosecutors said Gage’s mother, Mary Gage, 77, approved of the plea deal because she believes her son learned his behavior from his father.

Though Mary Gage still is recovering from her injuries, Assistant County Attorney Jennifer Sandoval said she is “completely coherent.”

“I have no concern at all about her mental condition,” Sandoval said.

Lyman Gage was accused of hitting his mother in the head on Feb. 25, 2004. Later that day, Mary Gage was hospitalized with severe bruising to her arms, legs, stomach and chest and underwent surgery for fluid on her brain.

Her husband, Peter Gage, 72, is expected to be sentenced next month to four to 15 years in prison. In exchange for guilty pleas, prosecutors dropped eight charges against him, including attempted murder.

He is accused of beating his wife regularly for 40 years, including strangling her to the point of unconsciousness and keeping her locked in a room without food and water.