Dear Sun Spots: We are planning our 10-year class reunion for the Edward Little High School class of 1996. It will be held June 17, 2006, at Lost Valley from 6 p.m. to 1 a.m. We are missing the following classmates and need help in getting the word out about our reunion and to locate these classmates. Can you please help us?

Anyone who knows the whereabouts or has contact information on the classmates below can call Julie Lawrence at 576-1728 or Natalie Raye Meservey at 212-1856. – Julie Lawrence and Natalie Meservey, No Town:

Kenneth Adams, Christian Almquist, Peter Arsenault, Shelemiah Baiei, Jennifer Barnard, Jason Barnies, Paula Becvar, Andrew Bell, Karen Bernard, Mark Berry, William Bishop, Olan Boardman, Amy Boisvert, Patricia Boisvert, Brenda Boisvert, Christina Bolduc, David Bosse, Catherine Bowie, Sean Brady, Jennifer Bragdon, Dana Brick, Dustin Brown, Jenny Brown, Adam Bryant, Sean Butler, Delley Campbell, Nathan Carlmark, Thomas Caron, Grant Chamberlain, Allison Chasse, Billie Jo Choate, Bruno Chumbinho, Lawrence Clifford, Rebecca Coburn, Sean Coffey, Roxa Conant, Joseph Cormier, Nathan Cottle, Shawna Cotton, Michelle Couturier, Kari Cox, Eric Creighton, Melissa Cunnigham, Jennifer Curry, Heidi Cyr, Jamie-Lyn Daigneault, Brooke David, Sandra Davis, Shannon Demers, Roger Demers, Philip Deschaines, Carrie Dumont, Doug Dumont, Tammy Dumont, Donald Ellis, Katherine Farnum, Christine Fecteau, Christopher Fletcher, Stephen Flynn, Heather Fraser, Shonna Gagnon, Anne-Shophie Galivel, Kurt Garascia, Eric Giard, Scott Giasson, Christopher Giles, Valerie Girardin, Sean Glick, Julie Goddard, Juan Gonzales, Travis Goodwin, John Goss, James Goulding, Simon Graham, Brian Greeley, David Greenwald, Jennifer Grenier, Joel Grover, Hakan Gurcan, Patrick Gurney, Oai Ha, Jeremy Hafford, Rebecca Haley, Neil Hansen, Jessica Hanson, Gil Harasic, Troy Harnden, Kristina Harrison, Jacob Hart, Benjamin Hayes, Annette Hemond, Jeff Hoisington, Jennifer Hould, Lynette Howard, Justin Howland, Angela Jalbert, Kimberly Johnson, Samantha Jones, Erika Jordan, Eric Joyner, Amy Keene, Kristy Kelliher, Aleksey Kenya, Amy Keough, Glen Kilbreth, Andrew Kinnington, Mark Kofored, Michael Lacasse, Jason Larabee, Samuel Larouche, Cheryl Larrivee, Jessica Lavertu, Ricky Lavoie, Ronald Lawlor, Andrew Leclair, Kevin Leclair, Amanda Lee, Jason Leiva, Shawna Leonard, Barry Levesque, Mathew Levesque, Elizabeth Lidstone, Christopher Lothrop, Rebecca Manchester, Melissa Martin, Carrie McFerren, Jason Miller, Ronald Moczara, Michael Monzel, Marissa Moreau, Chritopher Morris, Jerimiah Morrissette, Paul Murray, Katie Nauyokas, Kevin Norcross, Boly Norton, Jerry Ouellette, Violet Page, Craig Paradis, Justin Passalaqua, James Pelletier, Angela Pelletier, Randy Perreault, Nathan Perry, Ryan Phelps, Micah Phillips, Claire Pike, John Pike, Kevin Plourde, Brandon Pullen, Christopher Purdy, Tina Ray, Jeffery Rioux, John Robertson, Stephen Sargent, Kelli Scamman, Louis Schmick, Christian Small, Eric Smith, Dawn Snowdeal, William Spearrin, Laurie St. Clair, Danica Steele, Joshua Stevens, John Stickney, Christopher St. Pierre, Jennifer Thomas, Elizabeth Thompson, Deborah Thurlow, Jason Tilton, Mike Townsend, Becky Troup, Nicholas Turcotte, Tricha Turcotte, Markus Vaas, Gilles Vallaries, Mary Verrill, Seana Walters, David Walton, Tracy Walton, Ryan Waning, Varnetta Warren, Roald Webster, Sang Whalen, Robin Wheeler, Chris White, Nicole Worley, Anna Zinovyea, Erin Bentlye, Ethan Chaffin, Marie Cookson, Kevin Cote, Jody Cribbin, John Files, Amy Flanagan, Ethan Fraser, Heather Gibbens, Joshua Hart, Timothy Lane, Randy Langley, Laura Leclerc, Stephen Manroel, Brian McIntosh, Megan Mulldune, Tammy Pease, Joesph Poliquin, Adrianne Rioux, David Scott, Janie Smith, Robin St. Cyr, Timothy Tufts, Marion Tyler, Melissa Uldall, Rene Veilleua and John Voye.

Dear Sun Spots: I always thought that Fortin Funeral Home was a locally owned family business. As a result of a comment overheard at a recent funeral, I think I have been misled over the years.

Could you please let me and your readers know who is the current owner of Fortin Funeral Home? – No Name, No Town.

Answer: Fortin Funeral Home, The Fortin Group, became part of the Dignity Memorial network in July 1997. According to Mike Martel of Dignity Memorial, the Fortin Group funeral homes have not been owned by the Fortin family for decades. The Fortin Group funeral homes are locally managed by Peter Arsenault, Roger Bouffard and Raymond Perreault.

The funeral home staff are local people, which could give the impression of still being locally owned.

Dignity Memorial, located in Houston, has more than 1,600 funeral homes, crematories and cemeteries across the United States. For more information, visit their Web site at, or call (800) 344-6489.

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