SABATTUS – Selectmen voted unanimously Tuesday night to approve an application to the state for renewals of a liquor license and amusement permit for Mixers bar for a year.

In its decision, the board cited changes made since it discussed opposing a new license last month because the bar exceeded its capacity for patrons and continued to serve patrons who were intoxicated. The bar is in the Sabattus Mall on Route 126.

“I am now seeing the steps we have been waiting a long time to see happen,” Police Chief Thomas Fales said. “Things are now moving in the right direction.”

Mixers owner Randy Greenwood said Tuesday that his staff is being certified in Training and Intervention Procedures by Servers, or TIPS.

“This time around, it was an eye-opener,” he said. “Everybody was very positive and agreed that OUIs are not the problem, drunkenness is the problem. All my servers will be TIPS-certified before they are allowed to serve.”

The Police Department is going to continue working with Mixers and has given the bar the patrol car’s phone number. “This way they can give us a call before things hit the fan,” Fales said.

United Ambulance of Lewiston approached Sabattus Fire Chief Don Therrien about whether his department would be interested in a free ambulance.

Therrien went before selectmen and received mixed reviews at first.

“Nothing is free,” Chairman Guy Desjardins said. “You will have to maintain it, buy tires and insure it.”

The board voted to have Therrien inspect the vehicle, and if it met his standards to bring the ambulance to Sabattus.

“We would not be transferring people with the vehicle,” he said, “but this could open the door to have a first-response unit.”

If the town accepts the vehicle it would have to strip the stripes and name from it.

Therrien plans to visit United Ambulance today.

In observation of Easter, the transfer station will be closed on Sunday.

The Charter Commission announced it will meet at 6:30 p.m. on the first Wednesday and third Thursday of the month.