OXFORD – Coleman Williams was installed as associate pastor of Oxford Advent Christian Church on Sunday, April 2, in a special service.

The 27-year-old Colorado native has joined the Rev. Frank Jewett of Oxford in ministering to the congregation of nearly 300 worshipers at the Route 26 church.

Special speaker, the Rev. George Waterman of Oxford, retired senior pastor of the church, first addressed the congregation, telling them to remember that Williams “is the man sent from God.” He read the first 12 verses of the first chapter of the Book of John, who was described that way and whose purpose was to testify concerning the coming of Jesus Christ, the light of the world.

“Let us embrace him as a man sent from God to witness to the light,” Waterman said of the new pastor, adding that the only criteria for evaluating him is, “Is he a faithful witness concerning the light?”

Turning next to Williams, he said, “Remember your own limitations. Be yourself. You’re just a man. Be the best man you can be for God.”

The Rev. Jewett led a prayer of blessing over Williams as he and church elders laid their hands on his shoulders.

Williams and his wife, Tavia, and their four children, Coleman Jr., 6, Brenton, 4, Tyleigh, 3, and Jaylynn, 2, reside at the parsonage at 1122 Main St., next to the church.

Williams has served at churches in New Hampshire since 2000. He is engaged in studies through Trinity Seminary and College of the Bible.

He said he received a call to be a minister when he was 12.

“I was on a backpacking trip with my father in Colorado just outside Pueblo. We were walking down to an abandoned electric plant. I heard the voice of God calling, and I said, OK God, Whatever you want, wherever you want to take me I’m willing.'”

His call to serve at Oxford Advent Christian Church began last summer while he was director of Teen Camp at Mechanic Falls Advent Christian Campground. During that week in July he was asked to submit his resume for consideration as associate pastor, and was eventually offered the position.

Williams said he sees his role as helping people determine their spiritual gifts and linking them to ministry opportunities.

“Obviously my heart is for my generation,” Williams said, explaining he wants to focus on young adults from the late teens to the 30s.

“My hope over the next five to seven years is that I learn as much as I can from Pastor Frank, really fall in love with the people of the community. They are the most open, loving people I’ve ever met in the United States,” said the man who has traveled the nation with the Christian musical group Continentals.

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