JAY – The honor roll for the third quarter at Jay Middle School includes the following:

Grade eight

High honors: Kelsea Beisaw, Mallory Bonnevie, Hillary Deane, Chelsea Freeman, Eric Hardy, Kelsey Macomber, Shayna Meserve, Gina Morin, Alexii Smith.

Honors: Kristin Allison, James Bartlett, Tyler Buck, Alexis Burbank, Samantha Cook, Sylvia Corriveau, Rachel Cox, Kelsey Doiron, Kassidi Farrington, Eliza Gemelli, Anne Harvell, Steven Legault, Brittney Libby, Daydra Loon, John Mandigo, Jared Ouellette, Jami Poulin, Grant Richards, Brandon Shink, Erika Spencer, Kaitlyn St. Pierre, Jennica Turner, Latoya Wright.

Grade seven

High honors: Jordan D. Couture, Marlee Dubord, Brianna Farrington, Britni Hutchinson, Rose LeBlanc, Jacob Lord, Karisa Macomber, Bethany Moore.

Honors: Cassandra Beliveau, Connor Boynton, Mariah Buote, Hillary Chaney, Jordan P. Couture, Brittany DiPompo, Naomi Gettle, Dustin Hargreaves, Katie Jordan, Melissa Ladd, Dean Lorrain, Kayla Maurais, Mariah McKenna, Branden Shardlow, Haley Soucy, Kyle Storer, Courtney Webster.

Grade six

High honors: Alexis Blodgett, Katrina Boulay, Devlen Bozeman, Alexi Deering, Samantha Hutchinson, Morgan Maurais, Kaitlyn Smith.

Honors: James Barker, Chelsey Beaulieu, Jacob Bessey, Jacob Boivin, Zachary Bonnevie, Robert Boulay, Kourtney Brennick, William Calden, Eli Capen, Catherine Castonguay, Isaac Couture, Amanda Czarnecki, Ashley Dorey, James Douglass, Roger Duguay, Kristina Frechette.

Also, Tyler Gervais, Felicia Greenleaf, Benjamin Hartford, Lauren Hebert, Kelsey Jordan, Levi Knapp, Victoria Lacasse, Kristy Macomber, Haleigh O’Donnell, Ayla Presby, Ashlee Quirrion, Nathan Shink, Miranda St. Pierre, Andrew Stearns, Brett Tozier, Travis York.

Grade five

High honors: Emily Acritelli, Lindsey Allen, Hannah Chaney, Tammy Chase, Hayley Fortier, Alexa Fryover, Autumn Pelletier, Melanie Robitaille.

Honors: Devon Autrey, Lindsay Brennick, Courtney Bubier, Rachel Calden, Katelin Castonguay, Ashlie Church, Casidee Couture, Jahna Couture, Natalie Couture, Caleb Cox, Doug Fournier.

Also, Heather Goding, Shauna Gordon, Alexander Hartford, Brandi Knapp, Shannon Knight, Benjamin Landry, Devon Lesuer, Cameron Rose, Reiley Wilson.

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