CANTON – Plants for the buffer zone along the brook in the flood plain will arrive next week. Volunteers are needed on April 29 and 30 to help plant them.

The buffer zone is part of Canton’s program to remove houses from the flood plain and to relocate the town center. In her call for volunteers, Sue Gammon said there were 264 trees as well as other plants to be planted. Most of the town officers will be pitching in. Wayne Dube, Canton fire chief, said his department will set up a pump in the brook to supply water to the plants.

Everyone is invited to help. Gammon asks volunteers to meet at the town office at 9 a.m. There will be expert gardeners on hand to show how it should be done. Tools and equipment will be available.

Several citizens brought formal complaints to selectmen for action.

Chris Dailey asked the board to take appropriate action against Randy Gammon. Dailey presented selectmen with a surveillance-camera video allegedly showing Gammon rock-raking the town road beside Gammon’s property. He also gave them a copy of the court order that he states prohibits Gammon’s action. The town has previously ordered Gammon to stop working on town roads since it is illegal for citizens to do so.

Bret Norton complained that his neighbor continues to use a dangerous outdoor furnace that is too close to his house. Canton’s former code enforcement officer had pointed out the danger to the owner. Dube also inspected the unit and told the owner that it is a fire hazard.

The owner has been made aware that the unit does not meet the required setback from the property line. Dube says the furnace, which is used to heat the house, is in need of cleaning and repair. “Creosote is dripping out of the chimney and the furnace door is held shut by a piece of wood,” he said.

The town will contact the state fire marshal and will write a letter to the owner pointing out that the problem must be corrected.