OK, I think this issue with the Auburn parking garage needs closure. Maybe the opponents should just suck it up and let the city get the garage built (they’re going to do it anyway).

Yeah, the opponents will probably never use the garage and don’t want their tax dollars spent on something like that. But hey, a lot of other people have their tax money spent on stuff they’ll never use either. People without children never use the public school system and probably never will. But they still have to pay for it regardless.

Even if they have more overpaid administrators than they need, it’s for the good of all.

On the other hand, if the mayor and the councilors are so positive that their idea is a “win/win” situation, then maybe a contract should be made with a clause stating that if there are cost overages and/or if Platz doesn’t put a building up and/or if four new buildings aren’t put up and monies promised aren’t collected, then those who were for it can pay the difference. Maybe get a list of every property owner in Auburn for or against the proposal. Keep that on file, and when and if things don’t happen the way it has been promised, then those for it could be held financially liable (a higher tax rate). Those who were against it could have their rates stay the same.

Just seems like too many “ifs” and no guarantees.

James Pare, Auburn