As a longtime resident of the pretty little town of Greene, there is something going on that really makes me sad. When the snow melts and the grass and flowers start to make their way to the surface, they are hindered by garbage – literally.

Along College Road all you see is trash. While driving home this past week, I was disgusted by the mess on each side of the road by rotting baby diapers, beer cans, fast food cups and wrappers, an old VCR and exercise bike, plus lots of old tires. After working all day and caring for my own family and pets, I set out and walked two miles with lots of trash bags to clean it all up. It was dark when I finished, but at least people driving into town won’t have to see how lazy and inconsiderate a lot of commuters have been.

Also, guess what filled up one entire trash bag by itself? Cigarette boxes and butts. Why do smokers feel that the world is their ashtray? Isn’t that why ashtrays are put into cars? Those things hang around forever and smell and look terrible. As a non-smoker, I am totally disgusted by this lack of respect for our environment.

Please folks, keep your garbage in your car until you get home and dispose of it properly so the rest of us don’t have to look at it while it rots.

Susan Bowie, Greene