LIVERMORE FALLS – SAD 36 officials are projecting an $8.4 million spending plan to cover school operations for 2006-07.

The proposal, which has not been finalized, represents an increase of more than 3 percent or $247,481.

Major increases in the budget are $78,000 for utilities and energy, $235,400 for salaries and $72,500 for health insurance.

The $8.4 million figure rises to $8.6 million when $55,000 for food service, $93,500 for adult education and at least $65,382 for salaries, the minimum adjustment if the Legislature increases entry-level teachers’ wages, are added on.

Despite the increase, the proposal reflects an overall decrease of $201,061 in assessments to Livermore and Livermore Falls as a result of higher state funding.

If the budget prevails as is, it will be the fourth year in a row that the district has been able to deliver lower tax assessments to the towns.