LEWISTON – Men’s Twilight League standings: Tim Pelletier-Dave Gregoire, 3 Lance Vallee-Dan D’Auteuil, 3; Marty Roop, Sr.-Scott Barden, 3; Rene Dubois-Peter Wade, 2.5; Steve Roop-George Hopkins, 2.5; Steve Samson-Doug Bowie, 2; Bruce Milliken-Gary Landry, 2; Maurice Sampson-Dick Cyr, 2; Glenn Fillion-Joe Fillion, 2 Leo LaFrance-Don LeFrance, 2 Bill Hunter-Don Conant, 1; Lew Perry-Kevin Calder, 1; Norm Bellemare-Dave Veinott, 1; Dennis Moore-Steve Collin, 1 Pat Beaupre-Todd Michaud, 1; Mark Elie-Al Tomlinson, 0.5; Gary Adams-Bob Berube 0.5; David Pridham-Chris Welch 0; Andy Durisko-Phil Pelletier, 0; Marc Poulin-Moe St. Laurent, 0.

Closest to the pin #3, George Hopkins, 4’2″; #5, Bob Berube, 3’6″; low gross, Rene Dubois, 75; net, George Hopkins, 29.

Prospect Hill

AUBURN – Gritty’s Brew Coed Golf League will conduct an informational meeting on Sunday, April 30 at 1:30 p.m. at the course. Rules will be discussed and teams selected. New players and subs are welcome. More information can be obtained by callng Charlie Witonis at 783-2603, or cel, 458-4313.