I dont believe it. The L-A Veterans Association has again put the importance of Memorial Day aside in an effort to promote its own agenda.

The association was created to see that Memorial Day and Veterans Day would always be recognized.

What happened to the Veterans Day parade? It has been relegated to a special ceremony in the armory.

What’s next, Memorial Day?

For the second year in a row, the Memorial Day parade will be held on Saturday, May 27, not on Memorial Day.

I hope someone can find out why this is happening. Last year, it was because the high school bands could not, or would not, march on the day established as Memorial Day.

Why is the Memorial Day parade again being held on Saturday and not Memorial Day?.

Am I the only one who feels that Memorial Day celebrations should be on Memorial Day?

On Saturday, May 27, veterans from the Auburn VFW will flag approximately 12 cemeteries in Auburn, and hold their annual Buddy Day Poppy Sale on Saturday and Sunday.

Thank God for Gracelawn Cemetery Association which, once again, will hold special Memorial Day services on Memorial Day. They usually have a contingency of band members from Edward Little High School.

Donald W. Linscott Jr., Auburn