Smoke is a suck up. He enjoys wiggling his ears and stretching his neck if he will get a treat. Once he gets a treat, he will do one of two things: he will run away triumphantly, or, he would bother you for more. When he tries to bother you for more, he will usually shove you mercilessly out of the way as he escapes from his stall and stands in the middle of everything, taking in the sights. Sure, he has seen everything here before, but that was with a halter on, not without one. He will then glance around and take in the people, probably trying to decide whom is the better target. Once he picks someone, he will march over with his neck stretched as the ring watches in fright. The dog is quits wise about this. After all, who could forget how mean a horse is after it grabs you by the tail and yanks? Dogs might nut have great memories, but I assure you, this dog remembered.

As soon as Smoke reaches the victim, thinking that he will get a treat, someone always interferes. He will then find that someone has placed an arm in front of his chest and that he is being forced back. He will then try to push forward again, often stepping on toes, and will be forced back again. Often times, I am the one forcing him back, and he will click his teeth, threatening me. Now, at this time I will most likely be somewhat annoyed, and have already taken a lead rope. Well, what do you think I do? I slap him with it. No, it doesn’t hurt him. He barely feels it. It just serves to remind him where his place is. For example, not in (or on) my shoes. After I slap him, he jumpy, staring at me as though he was actually sleep walking, and that he was not just trying to shove me into next week. He is completely innocent, and never deserved to be slapped. Right Smoke, That is about as truthful as the fact that my name is Bob.

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