Rep. Jonathan McKane, R-Newcastle, complained he’s not getting any attention for his ideas to change health care in Maine (April 23). Instead of taking a critical look at his ideas, however, he blames the press and consumer advocates for the little support and attention he has received.

There is no question that Maine’s health care costs and insurance premiums are too high. But the changes to Maine’s insurance market that Rep. McKane and his Republican colleagues have proposed would leave Maine people and businesses worse off.

Despite the high cost of health care and premiums we all pay, Maine is doing better than most states at ensuring its residents have access to health coverage. According to the U.S. Census, only Maine and six other states actually reduced their number of uninsured residents between 2000 and 2004. Right now, 8,000 fewer Maine people are uninsured.

In stark contrast, New Hampshire, which has most of the insurance regulations that Rep. McKane wants for Maine, saw 48,000 more residents become uninsured. Which state’s policies do you think are working?

It isn’t that we aren’t listening to Rep. McKane; it’s that we have looked at the facts and we disagree with him.

Rep. McKane should take responsibility for the little support and attention he has received. Rather than blame everyone for disagreeing with him, he should take another look at what he supports.

John Henderson, Auburn