Gov. Baldacci says the Taxpayer Bill of Rights is bad for Maine. Despite the fact that Mainers carry the highest tax burden in the country, ranks near the top in health care costs, that property taxes have soared under his tax relief programs, he asks the people to re-elect him, to stay the course.

According to his plan we will tax ourselves to prosperity, which will eventually lead us into bankruptcy.

Taxes are the price we pay to fund government spending. Common sense dictates that if you want to control taxes, you must control the spending. Maine has the opportunity to apply control this year by passing TABOR. Voters need to go beyond the scare tactics used by the special interests who demand unlimited access to our money to fund their programs.

Colorado Gov. Bill Owens praises TABOR for putting the “brakes on runaway government spending” by allowing spending to increase according to growth of population plus inflation rate, similar to a cost-of-living increase. Anything extra will need the approval of the people first.

I feel the time has come for taxpayers to have some say by passing the Taxpayer Bill of Rights.

Steve Pond, Mt. Vernon