I thought your report on the Harlow Hill Road project was very unfair and one-sided. You should have at least listened to our side of the story. My husband was misquoted in that “None of our land would be used for a better road.”

Last fall we had discussed the work with Mr. Catlin, the town manager, and we agreed that the ditches would be wider, taking a small amount of the fields and cutting trees along the walls. They have already cut many trees, which we didn’t object to.

Now all of a sudden they have decided that they need to take all of our trees and the walls on the east side of the road and cut 20 feet into our fields.

They had said they would compromise, but they have changed their minds now.

We make our living on the land; it takes a lot of grass to feed 100 head of cattle.

No one seems to care about the farmers anymore. Most of the dairy farmers and orchardists are gone from Turner now. People would rather see the fields full of houses than grazing cattle. Someday all the food will be coming from China and other foreign countries.

Why should the other residents care? What would they be losing compared to what we’d be losing? Of course they didn’t care if the town takes our land.

This is a two-mile country road. It doesn’t need to be a freeway.

Robert and Joyce Hamel and family, Turner