You have simply got to be kidding me. The U.S. Senate has voted to allow illegal aliens to apply for and qualify to receive Social Security for the time they worked as illegals once they acquire citizenship (May 18). Does this upset anyone other than me?

You’ll forgive me, of course, as I am a retired teacher of 25 years and, since I live in Maine, I will be docked about half of my own Social Security when I turn the required age.

So, let me get this straight. Had I snuck into this country, stolen an identity and/or phony Social Security card, committed all kinds of fraud and who knows what else, I could receive full benefits for the time I worked as a felon? But as a teacher in the great state of Maine, my retirement that I’ve dutifully paid into is cut in half. Is that about right?

Anyone want to tell me just what is right about this? This country is in big trouble. Never mind the law that punishes Maine teachers who’ve earned their Social Security. Just tell me what is right about illegals getting it.

Jared Bristol, Hebron