LEEDS – Men’s Twilight League, June 6, points and pins: Mark Kent, +5; Bill Crane, Ray Convery, Scott Eldridge, Greg Paul, +3. Pins: #2, Jeff Kent, 3′; Ray Roy, 4’6″.


AUBURN – Twilight League, June 5, point play: A Flight, Sandi Piper; B, Marjorie Fillion; C, Jennifer Willey; D, Leslie Thayer. Fewest putts, Maureen Mayo.

The Meadows

LITCHFIELD – Monday Morning Men’s League, June 5: 1. Dana Kierstead, 2 points; closest to the pin #17, Kierstead, 22′. The men play every Monday at 8 a.m. New golfers are welcome.

The Monday Morning Ladies League will begin on June 12 at 8:30 a.m.

Apple Valley

LEWISTON – Apple Valley Men’s Twilight League, June 5 standings: Marty Roop, Sr.-Scott Barden, 14.5; Tim Pelletier-Dave Gregoire, 14.5; Marc Poulin-Moe St. Laurent, 12.5; Rene Dubois-Peter Wade, 12; Steve Roop-George Hopkins, 11.5; Bruce Milliken-Gary Landry, 11; Lance Vallee-Dan D’Auteuil, 11; David Pridham-Chris Welch, 10; Pat Beaupre-Todd Michaud, 9.5; Steve Samson-Doug Bowie, 9.5; Bill Hunter-Don Conant, 9; Dennis Moore-Steve Collin, 8.5; Mark Elie-Al Tomlinson, 8; Gary Adams-Bob Berube, 6.5; Maurice Sampson-Dick Cyr, 5.5; Norm Bellemare-Dave Veinott, 5.5; Leo LaFrance-Don LaFrance, 5; Andy Durisko-Phil Pelletier, 4; Glenn Fillion-Joe Fillion, 3.5; Lew Perry-Kevin Calder, 3. Closest to the pin #5, Glenn Fillion, 3’1″; low gross, Steve Collin, 38; net, Steve Samson, 32.

Area Travel League

SKOWHEGAN – Following are May 31 results of the Area Golf Travel League (Livermore Falls, Jay, Wilton, Farmington) event held at Lakewood CC:

1. C. Leavitt-R. Lagasse; 2. T. White-B. Morin; 3. J. Jellison-D. Fetterhoff. Closest to the pin, J. Walp, Jr.; high plus winners: W. Bubier-R. McAllister.

Paris Hill

PARIS – The Paris Hill Open (all amateurs) still has many openings. The ladies will compete June 17, and the men on June 25. Entry fee is $35 that covers tourney and greens fees. Carts are extra. Tee times will be available the day prior to the event. Call the Pro Shop (743-2371) to register.

Ladies League Scramble, June 5: 1. Mean Jean, Bobbi Bickford, Barbara Robinson, Mary Elder, Theresa Kissick; 2. Betty Jordan, Danielle Buswell, Phyllis Farrington, Judy Knight Kelly Place.

Men’s League Scramble, June 6 1. Joe Baker, Glenn Wood, Dana Hanley, Gil Tuell, Bill Jordan, 26; 2. Chris Johnson, Eric Place, Stan Bumpus, Steve Estes, Phil Sawyer, 28; 3. Bill Gates, Jon Deschenes, Seth Wilson, Dave Stone, Dana Dillingham, 29; 4. Mike Cloutier, Gene Bell, Charles McAllister, Oran Young, Al Litchfield, Sr., 29.


POLAND – Summit Ladies, June 6, long drive #4, A Flight, Coleen Baird; B, Joyce Keefe; C, Mary Goss. Low gross, A. Colleen Baird, 44; B, Joyce Keefe, 60; Mary Goss, 62; net, A, Jan Scott, 33; B. Carolyn Gage, 36; C, Alice Keene, 35.

Prospect Hill

AUBURN – Holy Family League, June 6 standings: Royals, 141; Pinnacle, 122; Pro Staff, 98; K-28, 83; Titlelist, 76; Wilson, 70. Low gross, A, Chuck Drinkwater, 43; B, LP Couture, 47; net, C, Tom Malia, 53-38. Closest to the pin #15, Roger Dupre, 10’8.5″; Bill Redmun, 45’1″; 50-50, Dick Palman; weekly cash, Bill Redmun.

MSGA starters

Following are starting times for the MSGA Father-Son Championship slated for June 11 at Natanis GC (Tomahawk):

7 a.m., Peter Hatfield-Darren Hatfield, Stan Plummer, Sr.,-Mark Plummer, Steve Plummer; 7:10, Nelson Gosline, Sr.-G. Nelson Gosline, Jr., Eric Gosline, Jeffrey Morang-Heath Morang; 7:20, Colby Clendenning-Mike Clendenning, Steve Gallagher-Matt Gallagher, Mark Hanley-Stewart Hanley; 7:30, John Deetjen-Bobby Deetjen, Richard Lahaye, Jr.,-Matt Lahaye; 7:40, Tim Flanagan-Donald Flanagan, George Hogan-Joshua Hogan, Roger Lycette-Steve Lycette; 7:50, Joshua Katz-Gabe Katz, Gary Winship- Kevin Winship-Daniel Winship.

8:00, John Lee-Mike Lee-Robbie Lee-Kevin Lee, Denny Siewertsen-Marc Siewertsen; 8:10, Thomas Bean-Corey Bean, Cy Thompson-Cyrus Thompson III: 8:20, Steve Bouthot-Josh Bouthot, Jim Stone-Scott Stone, Mike Napolitano, Sr.,-Mike Napolitano, Jr.; 8:30, Roy Pinette-Mike Pinette-Steve Pinette, Andrew Bowden-Drew Bowden; 8:40, John P. Brown-Kristian Brown, Robert W. Greig-Robert J. Greig, Roger Morin-John Morin 8:50, Bob Barber-Jason Barber, Mike Barber-Dan Bellemare, Dana Bellemare, Jeff Camire.

9:00, Scott Fennessy-Keegan Fennessy, Bruce Kirn-Todd Kirn, Gene Ardito- Anthony Arito; 9:10, Mike Dugas-Gavin Dugas, Dave DeSmith Red De Smith; 9:20, Alan Kallis-Matt Kallis, John Suyllivan-Jason Sullian, Steve M. Turcotte-Jeremy M. Turcotte; 9:30, Fred Finocchiaro-Nicholas Finocchiaro, Len Cole-Ryan Cole; Owen Maurais-Jonathan Maurais; 9:40, Tom Greer-Dave Greer, Tom Taber-Patrick Taber, Mike Knox-Rick Knox; 9:50, Dave Littlefield-Matt Littlefield; Robert Buck-Jonathan Buck; Terry Talbot-Robert Talbot.

10:00, Rod Sweet-Dan Sweet-Jack Sweet-Seth Sweet; 10:10, Allan Litchfield-Matt Litchfield Robert Buck-Jonathan Buck, Terry Talbot-Robert Talbot; 10:20, Harry Orwen-Mitchell Orser-Adam Orser, Steve Trottier-Mike Trottier; 10:30, Walter Golojuch-Jeff Golojuch-Donald Golojuch-Zach Golojuch, Terry Lanry-Tim Landry; 10:40, Buch Reilly-Andrew Reilly, Bob Handville-Nick Handville, Tod Smth-Spencer Smith; 10:50, Ken Matthews-Richard Matthews, Joe Nappi-Chris Nappi; 11:00, Cliff Hannon-Gavin Hannon, Truman Libby-David Libby, Gary Laliberte-Scott Laliberte; 11:10, Paul Pooler-Jayson Pooler, Dick Browne-Jeff Browne-Ryan Flaherty-Bill Bowne-Peter Browne.

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