AUGUSTA – Gov. John Baldacci, indicating there were no credible threats against Maine, said Portland and Bangor police would supplement airport security in those cities in the wake of an apparently foiled U.S.-U.K. terrorist plot.

Bomb squads also were put on alert in Portland and Bangor.

“Officials are on top of the situation. We’re just asking for a little more vigilance and patience from people,” Baldacci said Thursday morning, in a brief news conference at the Maine Emergency Management Agency.

He said travelers should arrive at Maine airports 30 minutes early to accommodate extra security, for instance arriving two hours early instead of an hour and a half early.

Maine is not a regular stop for scheduled, overseas commercial flights. However, Bangor International Airport was expecting a flight of U.S. troops from Germany and two international corporate flights on Thursday, Baldacci said.

Major Gen. John “Bill” Libby, commissioner of the Department of Defense, Veterans and Emergency Management, said he had received a 1 a.m. phone call alerting him to the unfolding arrests overseas.

He waited until 5:14 before calling Baldacci and waking him up.

“Like many of you, I don’t believe we’ve seen the last attack on the U.S. It’s not if, but when,” Libby told reporters. But he said he’s gotten no indication that Thursday’s activity signaled a terrorism build-up or was meant to serve as a diversion.

Baldacci suggested people balance vigilance with enjoyment of the beautiful August weather. This year, Maine’s tourism industry is doing better than those in any other New England state, he said. It’s news he planned to announce next week.

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