John Henderson’s Aug. 5 letter stated “Our newest immigrants are a concrete manifestation of global economy.”

Actually, they sought asylum from clan wars and civil unrest, not poverty; and, anyone moving to most countries with culture, religion and dress different from ours are not asked to assimilate, they are told to. Notice that western females visiting Islamic lands are required to cover according to dictates of that country or be subject to arrest.

It is not up to us to adapt our laws and ways of living to the immigrant culture. It is up to them to adapt to ours.

Most immigrants eagerly adopt the ways of the country accepting them and learn its language and history. There is no excusing an immigrant residing here any length of time to ask what July 4 fireworks are for. To dismiss an immigrant child’s expression at that event as probably not having the exact meaning, as someone wrote, is just as inexcusable.

By Mr. Henderson’s reasoning, it’s OK for immigrants coming from countries that drive on the left to continue doing so here.

John R. Davis, South Paris

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