LIVERMORE – Selectpersons on Monday approved Androscoggin Bank’s bid of 4.43 percent interest for a five-year $99,855 loan for the new plow and dump truck that was recently purchased.

Other bidders were TD Banknorth at 5.20 percent and Franklin Savings at 5.8 percent. The first payment will be due in August 2007.

Highway Foreman Moe Laverdiere reported that the last rainstorm took out one side of the Israelson Road, and the board decided to have the base rebuilt and wait on paving.

“It will need hot top at some point; without it, we basically run the risk of losing all the gravel we put in,” Administrative Assistant Kurt Schaub said.

“The whole street needs major construction,” Laverdiere said. “How far do you want me to go?”

“I don’t know where you’d stop,” Selectperson Tom Berry said. There is at least 200 feet that needs to be done.

The Fish Meadow Road is in need of repair where the town trucks turn around. Water runs down the road and washes out a portion on the corner of the turnaround. The board discussed putting a culvert and ditching the side approximately 75 to 100 feet and will look into the cost for that.

Schaub told the board that clay being removed from the Strickland Ferry Road rebuilding process can be used for a used tire pad at the transfer station to hold used tires. The material would be 9 to 12 inches thick and cover an area 40-feet-by-40-feet.

Tires will be accepted at the transfer station for a fee.

“It is our cost of disposal that we will pass on to the residents,” Schaub said.

The board also asked Schaub to review the highway improvement budget and advise whether there is enough money to hot top some culverts that have been replaced on Hathaway Hill Road, Norlands Road and the River Road. The estimated cost is about $8,000.

The board also approved $5,064 to replace two garage doors and install openers in the heated portion of the Highway Garage. The cost is $4,414. The sum of $650 would be spent for an additional 9 inches of blown-in insulation in the ceiling.

“Given the escalating cost of fuel, that investment will probably pay for itself in the current budgetary year,” Schaub said.

This year’s property tax statements be in regular envelopes this year, not on the computer tear-apart forms previously.

“These statements will, however, contain both the November and April installments,” Schaub said.

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