KINGFIELD – Planning Board members Monday said a Jordan Lumber Co. application to run a commercial racetrack on their land is incomplete, Chairman David Guernsey said Wednesday.

The company has operated a private track in Kingfield for years, but last year town residents began to complain, first about noise coming from the track, later about how the family was charging admission and advertising without a commercial license.

The Jordans stopped charging admission after Code Enforcement Officer Doug Marble delivered a notice of violation, but took the case to the appeals board. Last September, the Jordans lost their appeal, and this summer ran only four, free-of-charge, races on the site.

For commercial racing to be allowed a site-plan review must be done, Guernsey said, then a commercial permit might be given.

The application is still not complete, he said, and he planned to write a letter to the Jordans this week detailing the things the board will need to see before they accept the application.

Among other things, the board wants aerial photographs of the track area, Jordan Lumber Vice President Jonathan Jordan said Thursday.

The company has no current plans to expand the operation much, Jordan said. “As far as being able to advertise and trying to cover costs on what we’re charging spectators, that was really the only thing we’re looking to do,” he said.

The company has been working to make the track quieter, too, he said.

“That’s what we’re looking for – to have some good, clean fun. But who knows what your thoughts are going to change down the road? Our desire is to run it on a limited schedule the way it is now.”

When and if the application is accepted as complete, the Planning Board will be holding a public hearing on the matter, even though it is not required, Guernsey said. There is a great deal of public interest in the track, he said.

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