I love the United States of America but am horrified by its behavior. It is a bully that cannot stop wielding its power and demanding that the rest of the world fall in with its beliefs of corporate greed, man-derived Christian values (Christ had nothing to do with them) and endless war. Each serves its purpose: corporate greed will make many leaders in this country much richer; a man-based Christian doctrine which will give the U.S. ownership of women’s bodies, which, because of this country’s own ideas of sexuality, U.S. citizens have come to fear; and endless war, so that this country may continue to promote fear and, thus, manipulate voters to choose the biggest bully to lead them.

I, and millions like me, carry the images of torn bodies, mutilated children and despairing parents in our hearts and minds. There seems to be no end to this country’s need to control and kill. Our leaders are locked into the thinking of belligerent, narcissistic and unfulfilled men. They justify killing under the guise of protection. And they proselytize about women’s bodies by wasting thousands of lifesaving dollars in Africa on abstinence programs.

As November approaches, I can already hear the patronizing and the fear-mongering. The sickening call to “keep us safe.”

Worst of all, our leaders shriek for patriotism. They brainwash our beautiful children to take up arms against the country-of-the-day, their whim of the moment.

Jenny Orr, West Paris

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