FARMINGTON – A man accused of shooting a gun at a Wilton apartment in July yelled obscenities at a state prosecutor Friday after pleading not guilty.

Daniel Jackson, 25, of Jay was angered by the bail of $50,000 cash or $100,000 worth of real estate ordered by Justice Joseph Jabar. He was also upset with that he have no contact with the victim in the case, who he said is the mother of his unborn child.

Before his outburst in Franklin County Superior Court, Jackson had pleaded not guilty to felony charges of terrorizing and reckless conduct in connection with the July 12 incident.

He is a fugitive from justice in New York and escaped from the Franklin County jail Aug. 13 for 12 hours. The state has not filed charges against him for scaling scaled the razor-edge topped chain-link fence in the recreation yard. Injured, he ran through woods to a van driven by his sister.

On Friday, Jackson, standing next to his attorney, Linda Sparks, asked Jabar for bail of $10,000 cash or $50,000 in real estate.

Sparks said Jackson has family in Jay and wouldn’t be able to make higher bail.

Assistant District Attorney Andrew Robinson requested $50,000 cash or $100,000 worth of real estate and read a list of past charges against Jackson that included several assaults and attempted escape from another jail.

He then read the bail condition of no contact with the female victim in the case, and Jackson became visibly upset.

“Your honor, he says the lady is the mother of his child,” Sparks said. There have been no restrictions on her coming to the jail to visit, Jackson told Sparks before she repeated it.

“He apparently told the DA he didn’t terrorize her,” Sparks said.

When the judge agreed with the state’s request, Jackson responded with obscenities and added, “I don’t care if they hold me in contempt.”

Jabar asked for a recess, and the court security officer asked all to rise.

Jackson continued his tirade from the enclosed holding room, banging on the door, shouting, “I didn’t terrorize anybody” and uttering more obscenities.

Franklin County Deputy Bob Cox called for help to take Jackson back to jail. “We’re going to have a problem,” he said over his radio.

Farmington police, two sheriff’s officers, a deputy and court security escorted Jackson out the back of the courthouse to an waiting cruiser without incident.

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