Dear Sun Spots: I am interested in finding a person who would be able to show a small group how to put on costume makeup as well as how to do makeup using fake scars, roses and more. Also, I am looking for a full body, male mannequin at a reasonable price. Thank you. – Judy A., Lewiston.

Sun Spots spoke with Christine Scribner Cornish, one of the owners of Drapeau’s Costumes of Maine,, who says they carry stage makeup which includes tips on the back of the products for such applications as bruises, scars and more. She notes they also carry seperate tip sheets which may also assist you in applying stage makeup. Drapeau’s is open daily from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and expects to begin extended hours closer to Halloween.

Cornish also noted they purchase much of their stage makeup from Mehron, 100 Red Schoolhouse Road, Chestnut Ridge, NY 10977, 845-426-1700, In checking their Web site, Sun Spots noted several tips on application instructions that you and your group might consider or check out.

In addition, you might consider contacting Celebration Barn Theater, 190 Stock Farm Road, South Paris, ME 04281, 743-8452, or via e-mail at [email protected] to see if they can assist you with your request. Another option would be to contact some of the local community theaters to see if this is something they might be willing to assist with or if they do this type of community outreach and might be willing to help you and your group out.

Dear Sun Spots: In a recent edition of the Sun Journal, Gail Lussier of Hebron requested the rest of a WWI verse which included a line about a wee, little lad. I am enclosing the whole verse. My mother, who is approaching 98 years of age, can even sing this poem! – Joan Caouette, Leeds.

I’m sure this reader will be thrilled, Joan. Thanks very much for submitting, and please tell your mother to continue singing this! Good for her.

The following is the verse that Joan included with her letter:

A wee little lad, comes home so sad.

Tears fill his eyes so blue.

To mother he cries as she dries his eyes

They won’t let me play, ’cause I’m in the way,

I’m mamma’s boy they say.

But mama just smiled.

As her arms took her children,

and said softly stroking his head:

Don’t you mind what they call you darling

And don’t let your heart grow sad

For someday you may be a soldier

A hero like your dear old dad.

And perhaps in some famous battle,

They will read off your name with joy

And those who sneered will be the first to cheer!

They’ll be proud of ‘Mother’s Boy.’

Dear Sun Spots: I very much enjoy reading your column. It is always helpful and interesting to see who is looking for what. I have a situation of my own right now, and hope that your readers can help. I have a curio cabinet that was damaged in a recent move. It is made of wood and glass with a mirror on the back. I need to find someone reliable to make some repairs to it. The repairs I need are to reattach the mirror (there are two, an upper and lower) to the wood backing, and then attach that wood backing to the cabinet itself. I want to surprise the owner of the cabinet by having it repaired as they are under the impression that it is beyond repair. It is a sentimental piece to them. Thanks for your help. – Mike, Lewiston.

In addition to responses from readers, consider contacting Bix Furniture Strippers, 357 Main St., Auburn, 783-3459, and Morin the Painter, 195 Turner St., Auburn, 782-7511.

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