BATH – Nearly a dozen students from vocational high schools in Brunswick and Farmington took advantage of a hands-on opportunity to expand their knowledge of high-tech composites and get a feel for the job opportunities that will be available to them in Maine when they graduate.

The students spent the day at a high-tech composites workshop, Custom Composite Technologies Inc., preparing molds for a composite car and 14-foot dinghy, mixing composite resins and infusing the molds to shape the final products.

The workshop was developed by owners Steve and Maureen Hassett in order to provide composites training for high school students and educate them about career possibilities in Maine’s composites field.

“Maine’s composites industry is a national leader and we want to make sure there is a trained work force in place to sustain Maine’s competitive edge in the future,” said Steve Hassett, company president. “I also want students to know that the state’s composites industry is growing and that there are good jobs available to them here in Maine if they have the skills.”

Hassett and company Project Manager Patrick Sanborn supervised the two groups of students as they also learned to lay down fiberglass for the molds, mix the resin and catalyst and create and apply a vacuum bag for the resin infusion. Workplace safety was also emphasized along with working together as a team.

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