JAY – The Jay High School honor roll has been announced.


High honors: Anna LeBlanc, Isaac Leblanc, Drew McLain.

Honors: Jessica Boulay, Megan Buckingham, Disiree Castonguay, Kaylie DeMillo, Ashle Doughty, Brittany Fralley, Corinne Frank, Logan Frey, Joseph Gagnon, Levi Gould, Trevor McCourt, Conrad Rier.


High honors: Dorothy Nelson.

Honors: Hillary Castonguay, Megan Cox, Daniel Dustin, Katlyn Morin, Danielle Peart, Morgan Turner.


Honors: Joshua Allison, Bianca Bourgault, Jennifer Calden, Cassandra Frechette, Katie Hall, Elizabeth LeBlanc, Liz Leblanc, Shawn Rainha, Bryndi Richards, Joseph Roy, Gabriel Wilbur.


High honors: Kristin Allison, Kelsea Beisaw, Hillary Deane, Kelsey Doiron, Alexi Smith.

Honors: Brianna Ainsley, James Bartlett, Mallory Bonnevie, Tyler Buck, Alexis Burbank, Rachel Cox, Chelsea Freeman, Eric Hardy, Kyle Hawkins, Daydra Loon, Kelsey Macomber, John Mandigo, Shayna Meserve, Gina Morin, Amy Nauss, Jared Ouellette, Jami Poulin, Brandon Shink, Kaitlyn St. Pierre, Jennica Turner.

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