LEWISTON – The Stanton Bird Club urges birders and nature enthusiasts to participate in the annual Christmas Bird Count from dawn to dusk Saturday, Dec. 16. This will be the 27th annual count for the club.

Volunteers will be split up into sectors around the county for a day of birding. An evening of compiling lists and pizza will follow. The Christmas Bird Count serves as an up-to-the-minute bird census. Counters catalogue every bird and bird species they see over one calendar day from dawn until dusk.

Apart from its attraction as a social, sporting and competitive event, the annual count reveals interesting and scientifically useful information on the early-winter distribution patterns of various bird species and the over-all health of the environment.

The count is open to birders of all skill levels. For more information, contact Stan DeOrsey at 933-2266.

The Stanton Bird Club is a conservation organization offering monthly natural history programs and field trips throughout the state free. Stanton welcomes new members whose dues help to support land stewardship at three sanctuaries owned and managed by the club in Lewiston and Monmouth.

For more information, contact the club at 782-5238 or visit www.stantonbirdclub.org.

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