LISBON – William Bauer will have to wait until Jan. 19 to hear the decision on his request to change the parking restrictions on Booker Street. The Town Council decided Tuesday night to move back consideration of the issue.

The council also agreed to a Feb. 27 date for municipal and school budget presentation for the upcoming fiscal year.

A series of 10 meetings and public hearings will be held. The final date for adoption will be May 29, for the year that begins June 1.

A memo from the Comprehensive Plan Committee received by the council, indicated that farm animals, such as horses, are allowed in a general residential zone on Pinewoods Road. It had been previously thought that the town code prohibited this use, but research found nothing that would prohibit the animals.

State Sen. John Nutting, D-Leeds, attended the meeting and reviewed the problems that will be facing the state in the coming year, promising the two political parties will cooperate. He predicted that “much effort” will be taken to look at state government and where cuts can be made as well as looking into how nonresidents’ properties are taxed and reducing residents’ property taxes.