Dear Sun Spots: Clover Health Care is looking for college students who can give a talk on topics of interest to our residents. We would love to hear about famous people, trips, thesis or other subjects that might be near and dear to the hearts of students and that would be appropriate and entertaining for our residents who love to hear a good story. Please phone 784-3573, ext. 134.

Also, we would love some adult volunteers to help with Bingo and other programs. Please call the above number or drop by to fill out an application.

Your help and the help of readers is greatly appreciated. We look forward to hearing from your readers. – Clover Activities, Clover Health Care, Auburn.

Dear Sun Spots: I have an old photograph with houses and a building that has a sign that states Wiseman’s Garage Electrical and something else I am unable to decipher. Can you please find out where this garage was located? Thank you. – R.A. Cyr, Auburn.

Answer: Many thanks to Michael Lord of the Androscoggin Historical Society who is always a helpful resource for Sun Spots and column readers. Lord notes he searched between the 1890s to 1960s and located two gentlemen with the surname you are seeking. Lords says he found a record of a Robert J. Wiseman Jr. who was a mechanic in 1920, although Lord is unsure where. He also has a Philip J. Wiseman who was an electrician at Poland Spring in 1953. Both Wisemans were boarding at 81 Pine St. in Lewiston. Perhaps there are readers who recall the families and would be willing to share their information with you. Sun Spots would encourage them to please contact the column with any information they might have on Robert J. Wiseman Jr., or Philip J. Wiseman, the electrician. Sun Spots will be happy to share that knowledge with other column readers.

In the meantime, Sun Spots checked with local historian Doug Hodgkin, who recollected that it might have perhaps been located on Canal Street or Lisbon Road. Hodgkin recommends you check in the Lewiston/Auburn directories. This would give addresses and probably the proprietor. He notes the directories may be found at Lewiston Public Library in the room to the right of the reference desk (the room on the second floor at the corner of Park and Pine streets). Alternatively, you can find them at Androscoggin Historical Society. They are open from 9 a.m. to noon and 1 to 5 p.m. Wednesday to Fridays and are at 2 Turner St. in Auburn.

Dear Sun Spots: I would like to thank the people who dropped off material to Bakerstown after I notified Sun Spots of your support. They also are greatly appreciated. I want you all to know that the students were able to complete several projects in time for Christmas! Again, thank you! – The Staff at Bakerstown, No Town.

Dear Sun Spots: As a new year starts, I want to thank everyone who gave me material this year, especially a woman in Wilton and a lady in Auburn. If the lady in Auburn reads this, I have something I want to send her but I lost her address. Please get in touch with me. It’s a gift of thanks. I may be reached at 645-3066. – Ruthann Leblanc, No Town.

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