Twin Cities residents have less than a week to get their dogs licensed without incurring a late fee.

Dogs are required to be registered by Jan. 1, but the state gives owners until Jan. 31 – Wednesday – to register. The fee for spayed or neutered dogs is $6, otherwise the cost is $10 per dog.

Late fees were increased sharply this year. Dogs registered between Feb. 1 and Feb. 10 will incur a $15 late fee, three times the $5 late fee charged last year. Owners who register their dogs after Feb. 10 will be charged a $25 late fee.

Dog owners need to show a current Maine rabies certificate. Lewiston residents can register at the Lewiston City Hall, 27 Pine St. Auburn residents can register at the Auburn City Clerk’s Office, 60 Court St.

Owners who can’t make it to the office can mail a copy of the certificate to their city clerk’s office, along with a check payable to the city. They’ll mail a certificate and dog stickers back.

For more information, contact the Auburn Clerk’s Office at 333-6601, ext. 1126, or the Lewiston Clerk’s Office at 784-2951, ext. 214.