Poor George. He thought it would be fun to run for president. Once “elected,” he found it to be “hard work.” (Remember all the trips to Camp David and Crawford, Texas, during the summer of 2001?)

The attacks of 9/11 woke him from the doldrums.

Yeehaw! Giddyup! “Wanted: dead or alive” was his call.

Hunting down Osama bin Laden soon grew tedious, so invading Afghanistan provided relief.

After the Taliban fell, that, too, became unexciting drudgery and bored him.

Into Iraq he led us in pursuit of WMDs, terrorists, Saddam Hussein, and democracy for the Middle East.

After his incompetent mishandling of that effort produced violence, hatred and civil war, he now seeks a new diversion … Iran?

Poor George.

Timothy K. Priestly, Auburn

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