AUBURN – The Community Service Committee of Danville Junction Grange opened the hall on Jan. 21 for a meeting with Mayor John Jenkins to discuss Danville issues.

Jenkins was introduced by Ward 4 Councilman Bruce Bickford. Fifty people were present to discuss concerns and problems in Danville.

Residents voiced their frustrations over Station Road, Black Cat Road, Brown’s Crossing Road, Woodbury Road, lack of a fire crew for the empty station, mail problems, railroad-crossing deficiencies and other issues that they feel have long been ignored. The mayor’s plan for a spring cleanup was well-received, and promises to return the list of concerns to Auburn Council workshops were greeted with applause.

Joyce MacDonald, Franklin McAlister and former Councilwoman Donna Rowell were largely responsible for the opportunity for Danville residents to be heard. Light refreshments were furnished by women of the grange.

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