Dear Sun Spots: I was especially interested in the Jan. 24 Sun Spots column regarding the old Victorian house on Fairview Avenue in Auburn. I am sure that Donna Simpson can ascertain more information because there are living relatives around this area.

First of all, I am 87 years old and well remember that home. It was owned by Fred (I think it was Fred) Gross and his wife, Avis. Fred Gross owned a shoe shop, well known in those days. I remember they had a chauffeur, Clyde, who took us to Merrill Hill School. The home was occupied by Mrs. Gross’ mother, and by my recollections was there in, and before, 1925. As kids we played in that house, and I remember well sliding from the big slope in front of it down to where Fairview School is now.

After she died, or moved on, it was occupied by a Warren Kinney family. They owned and boarded horses, probably the Gross horses as well as their own. Other people moved in and out, and the last family there was the Jones family.

The Gross family had three children, Natalie Gross Foye, Gloria Gross Fenn and Thomas R. Gross, the latter now living in the Manchester, N.H. area, possibly Bedford. Tom was my age and it was through him that the young people in the neighborhood visited and played in both homes in our younger days. Both Gloria and Nat are deceased. A great deal of information could be derived for Donna Simpson or Sun Spots by contacting him.

There are also several grandchildren, Chip Foye, Major Powers (of course nicknames), as well as the Bruce Fenn children. There was also a girl, a daughter of Nat. These people would have a wealth of information I would think. Also, the Cobb family lived across the street. Ernie Cobb, is still living I believe. – Dorothy Buchanan, Auburn.

Dear Sun Spots: We just moved into a condo in August. We have two indoor cats that will stare down mice. Help! What do you do if you have mice and cats that won’t go after them? – No Name, No Town.

Sun Spots has learned that living in the country also has its challenges. She is wondering if you have considered getting a mouse trap? You’ll find some at your local hardware stores. Sun Spots’ hubby tends to give them a little peanut butter and sometimes the mice wise up and it takes a while to make the trap sensitive enough to catch them. Sun Spots also has cats, one of which is not as swift as he once was.

Dear Sun Spots: Once again I am looking for your help.

I purchased a floor mop at the Balloon Festival which I love. It is a PVA mop Star S series. Unfortunately I do not know how or where to order the replacement heads for it. Can you help me? Thank you for your continuing help. – D.M., Leeds.

In addition to responses from readers, you might consider checking out, which lists several other sites carrying the mop and mop refills you are seeking. You will also locate them online at

Dear Sun Spots: I am looking for someone who repairs CD, radio stereos in the local areas. I have a five speaker, Dolby pro-logic Phillips Stereo in which the CD player stopped working after very little use. The stereo is only six years old. I bought a cleaner thinking the CD was dirty or dusty but can’t seem to get it to play all the way through. I believe it’s in the programming somewhere. I could send it all the way to Pennsylvania, but I don’t want to do that if I can find someone local who is in to electronics and can possibly fix it for me. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated. I may be reached at P.O. Box 146, Norway, ME 04268-0146. – T.N. Norway.

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