NORWAY – The new book list has been announed for Norway Memorial Library.


“Lost City Radio,” Alarcon; “The Alexandria Link,” Berry; “By the Time You Read This,” Blunt; “Farewell Summer,” Bradbury; “The Saffron Kitchen,” Crowther; “Family Tree,” Delinsky; “Bad Blood,” Fairstein; “Hide,” Gardner; “Heart-Shaped Box,” Hill; “Past Perfect,” Isaacs.

Also, “True Evil,” Iles; “Kabbalah,” Kushner; “The Grave Tattoo,” McDermid; “Istanbul: Memories and the City,” Pamuk; “High Profile,” Parker; “Natural Born Charmer,” Phillips; “Surveillance,” Raban; “Ten Days in the Hills,” Smiley; “Star Wars – Allegiance,” Zahn.


“Finding Water: the Art of Perseverance,” Cameron; “My Reality Check Bounced,” Dorsey; “The End of Faith,” Harris; “On the Shoulders of Giants,” Abdul-Jabbar; “Nixon and Mao,” MacMillan; “ASVAB for Dummies,” Lawler; “Simple Stunning Wedding Showers,” Bussen; “Age-Proof Your Body,” Somer; “Waiting for Daisy,” Orenstein.

Also, “Meat Market: Animals, Ethics, and Money,” Marcus; “Cesar’s Way,” Millan; “2, 4, 6, 8 Great Meals for Couples or Crowds,” Ray; “Classic Chinese Cookbook,” So; “Tartine,” Prueitt; “Cut to the Chase,” Levine; “The Greatness Guide,” Sharma; “It’s Called Work for a Reason!” Winget.

Also, “Resolute,” Sandler; “American Bloomsbury,” Cheever; “Istanbul,” Pamuk; “The Iraq Study Group Report,” Baker III and Hamilton; “The Birth of Black America,” Hashaw; “A Great and Godly Adventure,” Hodgson.


“Mao the Unknown Story,” Chang; “Beatrix Potter a Life in Nature,” Lear; “The Seventeen Traditions,” Nader; “Adventures in Darkness,” Sullivan; “Feather in the Storm,” Wu.


“Charting Maine’s Future: An Action Plan for Promoting Sustainable Prosperity and Quality Places”; “All Mortal Flesh,” Spencer-Flemming.

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