Since Mr. “Whizzer” Wheeler’s second chance at office after his resignation last fall, he has done nothing to restore the faith of its citizens. He has refused to address problems brought before him as a selectman. He has brought the town further into a quagmire of legal problems. The disrespect he has shown citizens is even more outrageous. He has let down those who believed in him and further disillusioned those who questioned his actions.

Is history about to repeat itself? “Whizzer” is again saying his wife is experiencing emotional trauma as a result of his presence in office. He has continued to bad-mouth the citizens of Waterford and again publicly stated that he would be glad to be out of office. When asked if he would accept another write-in candidacy, he stated that it was none of our business.

During his “last” selectmen’s meeting on Feb. 19, Whizzer spent most of the meeting outlining what should be done in Waterford. It sounded very much like a campaign speech.

Why is his possible write-in election none of the public’s business? Does he believe with only one candidate, people will not bother to vote, and therefore he can again win by write-in?

I urge the people of Waterford to get out and vote.

Mary DeLorenzo, Waterford

Editor’s Note: Waterford’s elections and town meeting are March 2-3.

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