On March 10, I’m voting for Trudy Nutting as a write-in candidate for honesty and integrity in Industry’s town government.

It was refreshing to talk with Nutting about town matters. She is intelligent with her responses and she listens intensively. I am going to write-in Nutting as a candidate for first selectman for her accountability and her deep feeling for the whole town.

As an ex-town official, I have solid testament of Nutting’s past while serving with her as the town clerk and town treasurer. She proved to be an outstanding administrator. Nutting has more than proven herself, and is more than qualified. Her honesty is impeccable.

When discussing a problem with Nutting, she will handle it.

If voters of Industry want to see the whole town excel, they should write in Nutting for selectman.

Sayward Hackett, Industry

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