LEWISTON – Museum L-A, the museum of labor and industry in Lewiston and Auburn, tells the story of the Twin Cities’ past through the industry of the people. Due to the donation of two longtime residents and shoe workers, this story will be even clearer.

Normand and Rolande LeClair of Lewiston recently visited the museum to donate and assemble various tools associated with the shoe industry, used by themselves and their family over the years.

Their large sewing machine and table will be on exhibit, demonstrating the piecework often done at home by L-A’s laborers. Rolande was a fancy stitch sewer in her home for 27 years, during which Normand worked his way up through various shoe shops, finishing as a purchasing agent for Clark Shoe.

Their donation comes at an important time, as the museum is focusing increased effort on exhibiting the stories of the work and lives of those involved in the local shoe and brick making industries.

Jessica Dumas, museum assistant, said, “We’re so fortunate that the LeClairs have chosen to donate such a complete set of artifacts. These objects will illuminate both their personal experiences, as well as those of so many of our citizens.”

All former industrial workers are encouraged to visit the museum and add to the growing knowledge. The museum accepts donations of objects associated with L-A’s past industries. Museum L-A is open from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday. Museum L-A is located at 35 Canal St. in the Bates Mill building, directly above Davinci’s.

For more information, contact the museum at 333-3881 or e-mail Rachel Desgrosseilliers at [email protected]

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