n Word of the week: “griffonage” (with the “nage” pronounced as in “espionage”). From an old French word for “scribble,” it is careless, illegible handwriting.

n Stephen Foster of Dallas wants to know how scientists have determined that the 1883 eruption of Krakatoa was the loudest sound ever heard on the planet. This determination was based on how far away the explosion was heard (around 3,000 miles), and the intensity and duration of the global shock waves that followed.

“American Buffalo” is a 1976 play written by David Mamet. The title of the play is a reference to:

A) A menu item at an Arizona diner

B) The stubbornness of the title character

C) A U.S. coin

D) The city in western New York

Saturday’s answer: To honor his creation of Charlie McCarthy, ventriloquist Edgar Bergen was presented with a 1938 honorary Academy Award made of wood.

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