OXFORD – What parent of a teenager is not in need of support once in a while?

A support group is forming at the Oxford Advent Church on Route 26 to assist those parents. It’s inaugural meeting is set for 6:30 to 8 p.m. on Thursday in Room 2 at the church.

Church Youth Director Jeniffer Olson said the idea came to her one day after several parents had spoken with her about problems and concerns they had with their teenage children.

“A lot of parents I’ve talked to seem to think (they’re) alone in it,” she said.

Olson said it became clear to her quickly that there are many parents in the community who would like to share their concerns and are looking for ways to solve problems.

“We’re not the only ones who are struggling,” said Olson, who is convinced that parents can handle the problems easier with the help of others.

Olson, who is a parent of four teens, one pre-teen and three adult children, said everyone goes through problems with teenagers.

Some of the more common problems she said parents have talked to her about are depression and drug use, and teenagers thinking their parents do not understand them.

“They are under a lot of pressure,” she said of teenagers.

Using a video program and the help of parents of adult children, who have already been through the teen years, Olson said she hopes parents in the group will be better able to cope with their concerns after coming to the group meeting.

“Hind site,” she said of the experience the parents of adult children will bring to the table.

The videos will review four areas of parenting including teenager identity, turmoil, rebellion and legacy. The fourth area concerns a teenagers journey through those years.

The public is welcome to attend the meetings.

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