Vacation. What is it? If you asked some people, most would probably say “Too Short.” Others might say “It’s the only thing that keeps me going.” It all depends on who you ask. Vacation for most people is awesome, but on your next vacation, think of all of those kids who don’t look forward to vacation at all. Think of those kids that don’t have a home, or worse, don’t have parents. I know, I’m a teenager, I know that right now, some of you are probably thinking “‘Why do I need my parents? I’m perfectly fine, and I don’t need them in my face al the time.” Well, don’t take it personally, but I think that every teenager has bad some issues dealing with their parents. I don’t mean to sound like a strict, bothersome adult, but the truth is, if we didn’t have our parents, most of us would be in our graves before we reached our teens. Wait, scratch that. We wouldn’t be in our graves because we wouldn’t even be born in the first place! Ha Ha Ha!

Soooooo, the next time you get all excited about vacation, think about those kids who don’t have a REAL vacation, or worse, those kids who don’t have parents. I think that it will teach the rest of us to make the most of the time we have with our parents, because they won’t always be there to save us. So enjoy your next vacation, and be grateful for what you have and who you have to spend your time with.

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