Noon, Channel 13

Sunday! Sunday! SUNDAAAAY!!!! We’ll give you the whole hour to change the channel, but you’ll only need two minutes!!!!

MLB: Angels at Red Sox

1 p.m., NESN

Had Patriots Day weekend tickets for Sox-Tigers in ’84. Whole series got rained out. Got stuck at the Museum of Science on Monday morning instead. Still crying over it.

Women’s Tennis: Family Circle Cup

1 p.m., ESPN2

Yet many of the top players end up posing for Maxim.

NHL: Stanley Cup Playoffs, Flames at Red Wings

1 p.m., Channel 6

Stiff ratings competition for the PBA bowling tourney on ESPN.

NASCAR: Samsung 500

1:30 p.m., FOX23

The red, white and blue-bloods who can’t deal with Toyota being on the track get another sponsor to boycott.

PGA: The Heritage

3 p.m., Channel 13

How quaint: A funeral home sponsoring a golf tournament.

MLB: Padres at Dodgers

8 p.m., ESPN

Jackie Robinson debuted on this day in 1947. And the last team to integrate, 12 years later? C’mon, take a guess. Rhymes with “dead fox.”

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