The April 7 Poland town meeting was marred by the intemperate behavior of a very vocal minority of citizens. Problem behavior ranged from speaking without being recognized, to yelling and directing insulting and inappropriate remarks at the moderator.

Two citizens sought to dominate the microphones with incessantly redundant remarks and questions. During the past year, some of these same citizens have repeatedly distorted the process of meetings of the Poland Board of Selectmen. In all cases, the town officials have displayed patience and have assiduously guaranteed everyone’s right to ask questions and make comments.

Bryan Dench, the moderator of the town meeting, carefully outlined the rules of procedure. He made clear and consistent decisions. His conduct as a moderator was impeccable. In the face of some extremely uncivil behavior, he remained calm and focused upon the difficult task of maintaining appropriate control for the benefit of all.

He is to be commended for his remarkable knowledge and skill as a moderator.

Donald O. Stover, Poland

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