9 a.m., ESPN Classic

You will need a Miller High Life, at 9 a.m., to stomach this one. Trust me.


PGA Championship, 2005, Phil Mickelson

11 a.m., GOLF

Mickelson is tough to stomach live, why would anyone put themselves through a re-run of his penguin-like walking approach on the fairway?


Tottenham at Charlton

3 p.m, FSC

Quick, name me a guy that plays on either one of these teams. Didn’t think so.


Playing lessons with Lee Janzen

6 p.m., GOLF

Janzen teaches you about driving and fitness. Let’s just say I doubt Janzen tips a brew on No. 16.


Mariners at Yankees

7 p.m., ESPN

Too bad for the Yankees that Chien-Ming Wang can’t pitch every day.

NBA Playoffs

Bulls at Pistons, Game 2

8 p.m., TNT

Detroit whipped Chicago in Game 1. Wonder if Michael Jordan wants to make a comeback.

NBA Playoffs

Warriors at Jazz, Game 2

10:30 p.m., TNT

Can Golden State do it again? Don’t doubt Nellie. Just ask the Mavericks.

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