Have you ever been in a position of isolation, not able to reach the doctor, stores, etc.?

Well, this is 2007, and I am in that postion, thanks to the town of Phillips’ inability to maintain the roads in this area. Residents of the Reeds Mill Road (the dirt part of it) are unable to get out to do errands, shop or go to doctor’s appointments.

There are five families that are affected by the poor road maintenance, and four are of retirement age. If there were an emergency, there is no way an ambulance or firetruck could get in to any of us. We have mud, mud and more mud. The town hauls in dirt and puts it in the mud holes and what do we get? More mud.

I have contacted the town manager, road crew, the county commissioners and Rep. Tom Saviello.

What more can be done?

This is a disgrace to this town in which I have chosen to spend my last year.

Connie Small, Phillips

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