Global warming has many causes, such as emissions from vehicles, planes, factories, trains, methane gases seeping from rotting garbage in dumps, etc. Some of those sources could be reduced. Bringing back electric trolleys could save on gasoline and cause no obnoxious emissions. Better utilitization of trains would reduce the number of trucks and cars on the road.

Grass clippings, autumn leaves plus peelings of various vegetables and other materials can be turned into compost to revitalize the topsoil instead of rotting in dumps. Manure from farm animals can be used to fertilize the soil to help vegetation grow.

Trees growing around properties help keep temperatures down in the summer and provide a snow barrier in the winter, also sheltering houses in stormy weather. They are the Lord’s air conditioners. Trees also take up carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and return oxygen to the air.

The Lord made humanity caretakers of the Earth. If we continue to pollute the land, the air and the water, and destroy habitats of birds and animals, if we do not replant trees when they are cut down for various uses, we will eventually have an arid planet that cannot support life anymore.

This is the only starship we’ll ever have, so let us not disappoint the Lord. Let us do something positive to save the Earth – our only habitat, and that of other creatures.

Gabrielle De Moras, Lewiston

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