The April 29 Sun Journal article entitled “So young. So toxic” incorrectly reports that the safe and effective flame retardant Decabromodiphenyl ether (Deca-BDE) can harm the reproductive system of women who are pregnant or plan to be pregnant in the near future.

Flame retardants, including Deca-BDE, save hundreds of lives every year by preventing fires in homes and businesses. These are real fires that cause real human suffering, not speculative concerns about potential impacts that may never occur.

In fact, Deca-BDE is the most studied flame retardant in the world and, after an extensive 10-year risk assessment conducted by the European Union government, was found to be safe for continued use. After all of this study, there is no scientific evidence on which to base the claims made in the Sun Journal.

Dr. Michael Spiegelstein, Washington, D.C.

Chairman, Bromine Science and Environmental Forum

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