British Open Highlights: Todd Hamilton

10 a.m., GOLF

Talk about a one-tournament wonder. At least he is

secured a paycheck once a year.

Yachting: Louis Vuitton Cup

Noon, Versus

Hey, I found something more boring than cars going in

circles . . . boats going in circles.

NBA Finals Films: The Bulls

3-5 p.m., ESPN2

The Lakers, Blazers and whoever else got in the way of

Jordan and Co. in the early 90s. Should be fun to

watch. Maybe the current Bulls (choke!) should watch

and learn.

Classic Arena Football: Arizona at Tampa Bay, 1996

5 p.m., ESPN Classic

Will ESPN somehow tie Bon Jovi to this presentation?

MLB: Tigers at Red Sox

7 p.m., NESN

Josh Beckett goes for No. 8 against last year’s AL


MLB: Cubs at Mets

7 p.m., ESPN

Teams built on offense missing crucial arms (Kerry

Wood, Mark Prior, Pedro Martinez)

NBA Playoffs: Cavaliers at Nets

7 p.m., TNT

The most exciting teams left in the East. Here’s to

hoping they don’t burn each other out before playing

the Pistons.

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