My friend lost her dear son, Jacob Roy, in the accident that occurred in Poland on Christmas Eve. She has to live with that misery for the rest of her life, as do the family members of the other victims in the accident.

Why can’t the news media have compassion for the mothers who lost their children? The investigation came to a close on May 3, but on May 11, Jake’s precious face appeared on the evening news.

Every day my friend has to entertain the thought that her dear son is no longer with her – every birthday, every holiday, every Mother’s Day. It is in poor taste for the media to flash the victims’ faces all over the news, especially on Mother’s Day weekend. It may be news to the public, but these young people had lives, families, friends and mothers who are doing all they can to breathe every day without being constantly reminded of their losses just by turning on the television.

Please allow them time to grieve, and let these six people, and their families, finally rest in peace.

Tammy Thomas, Sabattus

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